a result the Northeastern Mandarin dialects spoken there differ little from the Beijing dialect. Even though many Chinese do not speak with standard pronunciation, spoken Standard Chinese is widely understood to some degree. Without charge: The tailor mended my jacket for free. However, the language still retained a final -m, which has merged with -n in modern dialects, and initial voiced fricatives. 7 fotos oferta en Las Palmas, Pájara.582,00 local comercial EN pájara, fuerteventura inmueble EN venta - Local situado en el Centro Comercial Cosmos, ideal para comercio u oficina. 42 Standard Chinese and the educational system A poster outside a high school in Yangzhou urges people to "speak Putonghua, welcome guests from all parts" and "use civilised language". I am fine, how about you?

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For example, the demonstrative pronouns zhè "this" and nà "that" have no counterparts in Classical Chinese, which used c and b respectively.4 fotos oferta en Las Palmas, Telde.300,00 locales CON garaje EN EL caracol Locales comerciales en el barrio de El Caracol, polivalente.